Experience the nature in Oslo

March 1, 2017 • 2 min read

Oslo is a unique capital in many ways: it has a modern, picturesque city centre, but you’re always 15 minutes away from the bush. Out of the 454 square kilometres that make up the city, 242 are forest. Here are some tips if you want to experience the nature in Oslo. 

In many ways, Oslo city centre is on its own a green city; all you have to do is to head to Frogner Park or Akerselva River, and you’ll be surrounded by trees and bushes. If you really want to discover the Norwegian forest, one of them is located 20 minutes from the city centre, the Nordmarka forest. It’s super popular among locals as well as tourists. You can start your way to the forest from plenty of places (perhaps you can combine another visit with the forest?); Holmenkollen, Sognsvann, Frognerseteren and Sørkedalen – which all can be reached by public transport. In Nordmarka forest you can go skiing, biking and hiking.

If you feel like experiencing the nature of Oslo with an expert, we suggest you have a look at our nature walk tours in Oslo. Island hopping is a tour that does exactly that, hop between lovely islands. Forest to Fjord takes you through deep forests and pretty lakes.

Make sure to experience the nature in Oslo; you’ll not regret it!