Get to know Oslo: St. Hanshaugen

January 17, 2017 • 1 min read

St. Hanshaugen is not only a big district in the middle of Oslo, it’s also the name of one of Oslo’s biggest parks. Get to know the area below!

The name St. Hanshaugen means “midsummer hill” and comes from the fact that citizens used to celebrate the summer solstice (St. Hans) in the park with the same name. In 1855 it was decided that a hill would be planted and turned into a park, St. Hanshaugen, in the coming 30 years. The park was created in the years 1876 – 1886 by the city and has a reflecting pool and pavilion. In the square on top of the hill, where you also have a great view of the city, you’ll find the popular café Festplassen, which opened in 1936. This is a popular café both for locals and visitors of the city. Today the park is a great place for walks, relaxation or just hanging out. The neighborhood of St. Hanshaugen is located west and south of the park, and is a regular district with residential areas, shopping, restaurants and public transport. Southeast of the park is Aker Kirke and Vår Freisers Gravlund.

What are you waiting for?! Go visit!