Get to know Oslo: the boroughs

June 21, 2016 • 2 min read

Oslo is more than it’s (beautiful) city centre: the city is divided in plenty of boroughs. One of our favourites is Oslo East. Resembling to Stockholm’s Södermalm, it’s an old working class area that has bloomed and become a borough filled with original shops, cheap restaurants and cool neighbourhood cafés.

In Oslo East you will find plenty of small neighborhoods: Grønland, Gamlebyen, Tøyen and Ekenberg. Whilst Grønland (east of the central station) is home to cheap restaurants, fun bars, vegetable markets and quirky stores, Gamlebyen and Ekenberg are more historical areas. In Gamlebyen you can spot ruins of medieval Oslo, and Ekeberg has THE place where Edvard Munch got inspired to paint his utterly famous painting ’Skriet’ (Scream). Only that would make the visit worth, right? 

In the area you will also find Kampen, a little mini-village, located on top of a hill (see picture above). This area is filled with old wooden houses dating back to the end of the 1800s and 1930s, and is definitely a different area in the quite modern city of Oslo. To get to Kampen it’s easiest to walk from the city centre, however, you can also take the metro to Tøyen or bus 60. 

A map of the area that (in general) is part of Oslo East? You got it!