Go Ice-Skating at Skansen

January 15, 2018 • 1 min read

From January 13th, the open-air museum of Skansen brings new life to an old tradition by opening an ice-skating rink where you can go ice skating!

Once upon a time, in 1929 to be exact, Skansen opened an ice skating rink that was open for a couple of years. In the 1940s, another one opened at Sollidenplan, and was alive and kicking it up until the 70s. Now, 2018, a new ice skating rink opens for the public, and sure is about time. It will be open for as long as the weather allows it, available the same opening hours as the rest of the museum. The cost of renting a pair of skates is SEK 50 for adults. What a lovely way to embrace the Winter!