Grand Hotel in Oslo

November 8, 2016 • 1 min read

It used to be the place to hang out for writers and celebrities; now it’s “just” THE Nobel Hotel and given point of any sightseeing tour: of course, we’re talking about the Grand Hotel in Oslo.

The gorgeous Grand Hotel in Oslo was opened in 1874 by a man called Julius Fritzner, and is located on one of the most central streets of Oslo: Karl Johans Gate. You’ll find both the Royal Palace and the Parliament within walking distance. Other celebrities? Well, at one of the hotel’s restaurants – Grand Café – Henrik Ibsen used to dine daily. The writer Roald Dahl used to stay in the Nobel suite when he was young, and the spot is said to be where he got his inspiration for the book “Boy: Tales of Childhood”. Every year, of course, the Nobel Peace Prize winners stay in the Nobel suite, and the hotel settles the yearly banquet for the prize.

Staying at the hotel might be out of your price range, but having a look from the outside is a definite must! Check out their website for more details.