Late summer in Oslo – fish market, biking and sculptures

August 14, 2017 • 2 min read

The end of summer is approaching, so let’s make the best out of the remaining days. Here’s things you can (should) do in Oslo during late summer. 

Enjoy the out-door life whilst you can
Not only does Oslo has lots of beautiful nature, it has super many parks. One thing that Oslo has, that not every green city have, is sculpture parks. Ekebergparken is a natural heritage park and sculpture park in one. Tjuvholmen Sculpture Park is located by the Astrup Fearnley Museum. Last but not least, we of course have the largest sculpture park in the world made by one single artist – the magnificant Vigeland Park. Not only does these three parks have amazing sculptures, you can count on amazing landscapes and colours this time of year.

Try fresh local fish on the new fish market
In July the new fish market opened at the City Hall Pier. Here you’ll find fish and shellfish for sale (perfect if you’re renting an apartment and want to dine at home), a seafood restaurant plus sushi and oyster bar. If there’s any food you need to try during your vacation to Oslo it really is fish or shellfish. It doesn’t get fresher than here, since the food comes directly from the innermost Oslo Fjord, just a few meters away. The fish market is open daily and is located on City Hall Pier 4. Check them out on Instagram before you go!

Enjoy that fresh breeze of air on a bike tour
Let’s face it – it’s possible to go on a bike tour in Oslo year around, but it’s way nicer when the temperature is on your side, and the snow’s not blowing in your face. Late summer is the time to do it, hopefully it’s not too hot nor too cold, and most of the tourist season is over. Take on the city as if it’s yours! We offer three bike tours in Oslo: River Tour, Vikings & Beaches and Oslo Highlights (by bike).