Guided tours in Stockholm

Digging up a city’s secrets is best done when knowing the spots where the most enjoyable treasures are buried. With OURWAY Tours, our guided tours in Stockholm will help you discover the hidden wealth of stories to give you the most valuable experience.

Why choose a guided tour in Stockholm?

Stockholm is beautiful, interesting and just begging to be explored. This once trading-hub-come-centre of food, culture and historical significance can make it difficult to know where to start your journey of discovery. So you could do with an OURWAY Tours expert to show the way! With guided tours in Stockholm, our lovely and local guides offer you a personal experience of what it’s like to live in the city, how the city and culture have been shaped over time and give you the story of the city you’re visiting. Your guide will show you all the key sites that make up the life of the Swedish capital – so you can go home feeling like you know Stockholm like a trusted friend you’ve had a great time getting to know.

What guided tours do you offer?

No matter how long you’re held in Stockholm’s welcoming arms, we’re here to introduce you to the city and the stories to hold onto before your bon voyage home. How you get to know your new best-friend-of-an-urban-land-mass is entirely up to you – and with plenty of options to choose from, we’ve got the perfect icebreakers.

Follow the footsteps of Swedish ancestors and take a walking tour with us. With our tour, Stockholm Must Sees you’ll explore the Old Town followed by an excellently-preserved and very old ship – the Vasa Museum where the beautiful vessel now resides.

A super-sized choice is The Grand Stockholm Private Driving Tour. The Old Town, Royal Palace, Vasa Museum and Stockholm City Hall make up just a few sites on this mega-tour covering the distinctive and equally exciting areas of Södermalm, Norrmalm, Östermalm and Djurgården. These districts will become regularly recounted areas of wonder as you tell everyone back home how you conquered the whole of the capital in just one day!

With everything from Stockholm walking tours to food tours and activities, specialist tours on a shopping theme or investigating amazing architecture as well as exciting bike tours and kayak trips, your guides are waiting to share Stockholm’s stories with you. With options of public tours – within a group of other visitors – or private tours for just you and your party, every way you can think of taking guided tours in Stockholm, we’ve thought of.

Arriving into Nynäshamn? No problem! It’s about one hour outside the city, but you can arrange to be picked up or make your own way and meet us in the city.

Our guided tours in Stockholm could complement your trip to Oslo and Copenhagen, where more guides and great adventures await you or see our full list of tours in Scandinavia in one place.

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Stockholm Kayak Adventure

Stockholm 2h 0m 1-8 Multiple languages

Small group tour & private tour options available

STOCKHOLM. 2hrs. Newbie? Professional? Our Stockholm Kayak Adventure caters to all. Kayak in Stockholm and see the magnificent city of Stockholm from the water and get time to rest whilst enjoying refreshments. What’s not to like?

eur 103
per person

Inner-City & Pier Transfer

Stockholm 1h 0m 1 - 10 Multiple languages

STOCKHOLM. 1hr. Coming in on a cruise and staying a couple of days in Stockholm? Staying in town for a conference? Book a Private Stockholm Inner-City transfer, allow us to take you from A to B and make the most of your time in the city.

eur 133
per person

Airport Transfer to City

Stockholm 1h 0m 1 - 10 Multiple languages

STOCKHOLM. 1hr. Using a Private Stockholm Airport Transfer brings a luxury twist! Travelling with your family or a group of friends? Looking for a hassle-free way to get to and from the airport? Enjoy a private Stockholm Airport Transfer.

eur 154
per person

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