Michelin restaurants in Oslo

October 10, 2017 • 2 min read

Are you looking for a really lovely dinner in Oslo? The city has many great restaurants to offer, but if you are looking for an extraordinary experience, you’ll wanna visit a Michelin-restaurant in Oslo. Here are three that all recently received one or more stars to be proud of. 

Maaemo, Schweigaards gate 15B
With none-the-less than three stars in Michelin Guide, Maaemo have become a restaurant to count on. Maaemo’s menu takes you through the Norwegian landscape, and consists of a set number of dishes served to all guests. The restaurant recommends that you should be able to dedicate the whole evening to them, which can’t mean anything but a success. And food coma. You have a great view of the project barcode, which you can read more about here (link). Visit the website to book.

Kontrast, Maridalsveien 15a
Kontrast serves modern Scandinavian food, designed by Swedish chef Mikael. In 2016 they got their first star in Michelin and it is well deserved; the food is often organic, nutritious and seasonally based. Here you will really get a taste of Norway. The menu changes on a daily basis and is determined according to what is available on the market that day. Read more at restaurant Kontrast’s website.

Statholdergaarden, Rådhusgata 11
With its central point in Oslo, Statholdergaarden has been one of the country’s best restaurants for a long time. The owner is Bent Stiansen, who won the world championship in the chef contest Bocuse d’Or. At Statholdergaarden six-course menus are served, that are created day by day and adapted to season. Book a table here.