Midsummer Traditions & Celebrations in Stockholm 2018

June 21, 2018 • 2 min read

Midsummer Traditions & Celebrations in Stockholm 2018

Where can you celebrate Midsummer in Stockholm 2018? We’ve listed where you can get the full Midsummer experience in Stockholm. Traditional and alternative celebrations are all over the city; where will you celebrate? 

The Traditional Way – Skansen

If you’re going for a traditional celebration, the open-air museum of Skansen is the way to go! With Midsummer celebrations lasting throughout the weekend, this is the perfect place to get the full, traditional experience. There are a plethora of activities on for the weekend, such as helping to raise the leafy maypole (midsummers eve at 2 pm), binding traditional birch wreaths‚ dancing and playing games around the maypole‚ folk music, folk dance and more. There will also be dance floors with both new and old music to dance your way into the surprisingly bright night! For more information, ticket prices and opening hours, have a look here on their website.

Local Celebrations

In most parks within and around the city, people will celebrate Midsummer by raising maypoles and dancing around it, along with other activities. Mitt i Stockholm has provided a reasonably comprehensive guide to the celebrations all over town, which you can find here; it’s in Swedish but can easily be translated if necessary. Good to know is that most maypoles are raised around 12-2 pm, which we’d recommend not to miss!

I’m Alternative

Södra Teatern welcomes people of all ages to celebrate Midsummer on their terrace. Located just above Slussen, you’ve got a great view of the city, and it’s easy to get to. They’ve focused only on the best parts of the Midsummer celebrations with their some twists, according to themselves. To host their party, they’ve got drag queen Miss Inga as well as their CEO and Artistic Director Ingmari “Helga” Pagenkemper. If you wish to know more about the event, have a look here.

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