Music festival season in Oslo

July 24, 2017 • 2 min read

If it’s any time of year that Oslo is crammed with music festivals, it sure is August. Wether you prefer jazz, unplugged or chamber music, Oslo got you covered. 

Oslo Jazz Festival
The jazz festival in Oslo has been arranged for 33 years now, a week long festival with up to 90 concerts in Oslo. This year it’s between the 12th and 18th of August. Spread on 15-18 places in the city center, you can experience all type of jazz, from international stars to local talents. On Karl Johan you can experience free concerts. The program can be found on Oslo Jazz Festival’s website.

Oslo Chamber Music Festival
Between the 17th to 26st of August, Oslo Chamber Music Festival takes place across Oslo. It’s for those who already have a passion for chamber music, and for those who wish to experience it. More information and full program can be found on Oslo Chamber Music Festival’s website and tickets can be found here. 

Øya Music Festival
Øya is a festival to count on; it’s one of Oslo’s largest music festivals that takes place in Tøyenparken (in city district of Tøyen) for four days. Every year international artists and newcomers comes to Øya Music Festival. This year artists like Lana Del Ray, Ryan Adams and The Hellacopters are coming. Get your tickets here.