One of the world’s most famous sporting arenas – Holmenkollen

September 15, 2016 • 2 min read

In the middle of Oslo you will find a huge ski jumping hill, developed for skiing competitions – Holmenkollbakken, located in the area Holmenkollen. 

Holmenkollen is – besides the home of the jumping hill Holmenkollbakken – a usual residential area. People live their lives here, just as any other area of the city. It’s just that they have this big, big area dedicated to skiing in the middle of it.

The first competition was held on January 31st 1892, and since then it has continued. Today it’s known to be one of three most famous sporting arenas. Each year, the World Cup Nordic takes place here, on the jumping hill that’s made out of 1000 tons of steel and rises approx. 60 meters up in the air.

The hill Homenkollbakken in Holmenkollen is open year round, during the summer it’s open for zip lining, if you dare… On top of the jumping hill there’s a tower with a great, panoramic view of Oslo. In the area there’s also a stimulator, in which you can try how it feels like to really go skiing on the hill. Since 1923, there’s also a museum here. In fact, it’s the world’s oldest skiing museum called Ski Museum, which holds 4000 years of skiing history.

If you’re more curious about Holmenkollen, visit their website. There you will also find opening hours and prizes.