Open House Stockholm

October 1, 2017 • 1 min read

From October 6 to 8, normally closed venues open up their premises for you to explore. Take the chance to see what’s inside iconic buildings and spaces in Stockholm during Open House Stockholm.

Why open houses across the city to the public? The purpose of Open House Stockholm is to evoke the public’s interest in architecture, design and history. By inviting people to see old houses as well as newly-built / planned houses, they are involved! The list of venues that are open during Open House Stockholm differs a lot from each other. At the Central Station, you can visit the Royal Waiting Hall that’s normally closed for the public. Aula Medica is the newest auditorium at Karolinska Institutet (medical institute), and it has become famous for it’s grand design. HMS af Chapman, a boat really famous from Instagram, is one of the most famous landmarks for Stockholm. Below Vita Berget on Södermalm, the internet supplier Bahnhof have transformed an old mountain room to a futuristic server hall.

Here you can find a map of every building that welcomes you during Open House Stockholm.