Oslo City Center to be car-free in 2019

March 8, 2017 • 1 min read

The goal: to have the world’s biggest car-free city centre. Oslo is aiming to make it happen for 2019. 

It’s to make the city centre more alive, whether it’s a gastronomical holiday, events or skiing. When parking spots and cars disappear, more space becomes available for socializing. The area that’s to be car-free before 2019 is approx. 1,9 square kilometres, making it the biggest car-free area in the world. The project of making the city centre car-free will, of course, happen in small steps: first, in June 2017, the street parking disappears, which is expected to reduce the traffic in Oslo remarkably. In 2018, more steps will be inaugurated, for example, making more streets into pedestrian streets.