Oslo World Music Festival 2016

October 30, 2016 • 1 min read

Between the first and sixth of November it’s time for Oslo World Music Festival in Oslo. During six days, 300 artists from all over the world will play on 18 different venues in Oslo.

It’s the 23rd year in a row that the festival kicks off, and lets artist in all types of genres sing out to the public! Music in everything from soul to techno, hip hop and blues play spread on more than 18 places in Oslo. The festival has been included in the list “Best 25 International Festivals” in the world six times. Every year artists get presented in the festival, which more than once has led to many famous names coming to Oslo and Norway for the first time.

From 2016 the festival will include more art, workshops and exhibitions. This year’s theme is forbidden songs, which purpose is to take up the discussion about censorship and power. See the program for the festival here.