Oslos biggest music festival: Øyafestivalen

July 19, 2016 • 2 min read

The Øyafestivalen is the biggest music festival in Oslo, gathering each year over 60,000 music enthusiasts to the east of Oslo, where they can experience the performances of both international stars and promising newcomers.

The roots of the Øyafestivalen actually go back to 1971, that’s the first year the Kalvøfestivalen took place, the festival which was replaced by the Øyafestivalen. From 1971-1997 the Kalvøfestivalen took place on the island Kalvøya, where legends like Frank Zappa, Jackson Browne and Nirvana gave concerts. In 1999 the festival got the new name “Øya” (Island) and the name was kept even after the festival moved into the city.

This year the Øyafestivalen takes place from 9-13 August, the first of the 5 days is called “Club Tuesday”. Just as the name lets suggest, the concerts take place in many different clubs as a sort of prelude to the 4 days the festival is taking place in the Tøyenpark.

From Wednesday ‘til Saturday, you can enjoy the concerts on 3 different stages and in case you need to take a break, you can eat something at the bio food stalls or you can buy LPs, clothes and comics at the different stalls and tents.

For more information check out the festival’s website.