Shopping in Stockholm: Drottninggatan

February 8, 2017 • 2 min read

Our next stop on our shopping guide for Stockholm is the one and only Drottninggatan. Keep reading to find out why this pedestrian street is one of the most famous for shopping in Stockholm. 

Drottninggatan is an old street – it was laid out in the 1630s – 1640s and was originally named Stora Konungsgatan (The Great King’s Street). Later on, it was renamed to honour the Queen Christina (who ruled from 1632 – 1654) – therefore the name Drottninggatan (The Queen’s Street). Drottninggatan is 1,5 kilometers long and stretches from Riksbron (close to Gamla stan) to Observatorielunden (Vasastan). You could say that the metro station T-centralen is located in the middle of the two.

So, what sort of shopping is to be found on Drottninggatan? All, we say! But in general, it’s big chains, both Scandinavian and international. You’ll find three H&M’s in a triangle (+ a pop-up H&M Home-store) and other chains such as Bikbok, Weekday and VILA. There are sports stores, electronic stores, small knick-knacks stores and much more. Almost at the end of Drottninggatan, close to Observatorielunden, you will find Beyond Retro, one of the most popular vintage-stores in Sweden. Maybe that’s why the street is so popular – the diversity appeals to all. Happy shopping!