Sightseeing out of the ordinary: Bærums Verk

October 5, 2016 • 2 min read

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In the city district Akerhus, Oslo, you will find a park area that’s definitely out of the ordinary – Bærums Verk. 

In the 1600s, this was the centre for ironworks. King Christian IV of Denmark found it vital that his kingdom was self-sufficient in iron production; his wishes came true when iron ore was found in Bærum. A melting hut was built up. The ironworks kept on developing and growing until it was closed down in 1964. Instead, a housing boom hit Bærums Verk in the 1980s, which led to the development of the area that has led to what it is today.

Since 1997 the area of Bærum is a commercial centre. Many of the buildings are protected; among them, you’ll find Norway’s oldest tavern. On the main street of Bærums Verk, Verksgata, you will find yourself in the 18th century. It’s been restored to the bones to look like it, with wooden living quarters where the workers used to live. Nowadays, you can buy a gift from the many small shops available here (approx. 50 ones!)  – among others, there are glassblowers, a blacksmith, traditional Norwegian handicrafts and much more. There are also galleries and restaurants available in the area if you’re hungry or need to rest your eyes on something pretty. In the middle of June, the Bærums Verk-dagene takes place, for two days there’s a market and other happenings in the area. In the big park area, you will also find a sculpture park holding more than 30 sculptures by Norwegian artists.

Bærums Verk is definitely worth a visit, and most certainly sightseeing out of the ordinary! We mean, look at this picture of Bærums Verk during winter?! Hello, Instagram likes record!