Spring in Stockholm: what you can’t miss

February 28, 2017 • 2 min read

As we are about to leave February behind, we can’t help but to think about spring. Spring is coming! If you’re planning on visiting Stockholm during spring, here’s what you can’t miss. 

Go for a stroll! Spring is that magical time of year when the city get’s greener and greener, but it’s (usually) still not warm enough for picknicks. Also known as the perfect opportunity to experience the city without jostling with others. Skeppsholmen is an island connected to Blasieholmen in the middle of Stockholm, close to Kungsträdgården and the Royal Palace. This island is home to many museums and old military offices, but other than that it’s well kept with beautiful nature. Walk around the island and look at the many boats that are docked here. If you want to continue, go out to Kastellholmen, connected to Skeppsholmen by bridge. If you feel like going for a longer stroll, head out to Djurgården. This recreational area is huge in comparison.

Do as the Swedes do and have a drink outside, regardless the temperature. After the long winter, 15 degrees will usually do it for the Swedes, who’ll happily sit on the outdoor seating as soon as it opens (usually around 1st of April). Some of our favorite places are: Blå Porten on Djurgården, Mosebacke Terrace on Södermalm, the café on hostel af Chapman on Skeppsholmen and Mälarpaviljonen on Kungsholmen. However, if there’s one thing we don’t have a lack of in Stockholm, it’s pubs, restaurants and outdoor seatings. If it’s sunny outside, just head out and look for Swedes leaning their heads agains the sun with eyes closed.

The blooming of the cherry-blossom trees in Kungsträdgården. If you’ve done your reading, you probably already know that the cherry blossom blooming is big in Stockholm. When the alleys of trees bloom in it’s a mandatory spring picture to post on Instagram for many Swedes; visitors to the city as well as people on their lunch break head to the trees to take photos. The flowers usually pop out in the beginning of April.