Stockholm Pride

July 20, 2016 • 2 min read

Stockholm Pride is Scandinavia’s largest Pride Festival taking place between 25 to 31 July. The festival is for those that feel involved in and respect the LGBT community, the organisers’ goal is to strengthen LGBT rights and acceptance by society.

Stockholm Pride hosts many different activities during the whole week it’s taking place. The Pride Park (Östermalms IP), where there’s performances, restaurants and bars between Wednesday and Saturday. On the main and little culture stage you can also see some exhibitors like associations, political parties , government agencies, religious organisations or commercial entities. There’s even a separate kinky area for fetish, BDSM, leather and the like. This area has an age restriction, everyone below 18 is not allowed. There is the Young Pride though which is drug-free and has a free entry.

During Stockholm Pride the Kulturhuset at Sergels torg becomes the Pride House. It houses a program packed with over 200 activities on the agenda; debates, culture, seminars, art, film, music and all that from Monday until Friday.

At the end of Stockholm pride is of course the Pride Parade which usually has up to 45,000 participants and 450,000 watching it. The start of the parade is at 13:00 on 30 July, don’t miss it!

The theme for Stockholm Pride 2016 is “Who decides?”, opening the discussion about who decides when it comes to politics, society, our city and of course our bodies.

For more information visit the official website.