The Capital of Stockholm’s Archipelago – Vaxholm

June 27, 2018 • 3 min read

The Capital of Stockholm’s Archipelago, Vaxholm

The ‘Capital of Stockholm’s Archipelago,’ Vaxholm, is the perfect place to get the full archipelago experience conveniently when in Stockholm. With multiple boats and buses departing daily, it’s easy to get to and very rewarding once there. Here are our top picks on what to do while in Vaxholm!

How do I get there?

There are several ways to get out to Vaxholm from Stockholm. You can go by public transport if that’s what you prefer, catch the subway to Tekniska Högskolan and then bus 670 out to Vaxholm. The most enjoyable way to get out there, however, would be to get on the boat that leaves from Kajplats 14 on Strandvägen which will take you there in about 50 minutes. You buy the tickets on the ferry itself, no pre-booking required!

What to see

Vaxholm has got a lot to offer, here’s the list of things we recommend doing:

  • Vaxholm Fortress Museum – Built in the 16th-century, on a separate island. Guided tours are available. For more information, have a look at their website here.
  • Bogesunds Castle – A castle from the 17th-century with a stunning garden with old artifacts such as runestones. Public tours are offered at the castle on Saturdays and Sunday at 2 pm, June through to August.
  • Nature – There’s beautiful nature all over Vaxholm. If you’re into nature and want to stay active, walk around the island for some lovely views and fresh air. There are beautiful trails that will take you through the forest as well as along the shorelines.
  • The City Center – It’s a very cozy, picturesque town where you’ll find café’s, restaurants, hotels, shops and more.


I’m hungry & thirsty

If you’re in the Archipelago of Stockholm, give a prawn sandwich or toast Skagen a shot! It’s a traditional meal for the Swedes, and absolutely delicious and very recommended with a glass of white, or rosé, wine!
There are several cafés and restaurants on the island that will serve you great, authentic Swedish food along with other options. Here are the ones we like!

  • Vaxholm Hotel – a lovely hotel with delicious food of all kinds, although it’s quite pricey. Indoor and outdoor seating.
  • Bistro Magasinet – A fantastic restaurant with a great view, authentic food, and a bit lower prices. They’ve got a scrumptious Toast Skagen that will fill you up for sure while soaking up the sun in their outdoor seating.
  • Vaxholms Hembygdgårds Café – Idyllic café with outdoor seating in their garden, right by the water.
  • Melanders Vaxholm – A cozy fish restaurant with top quality seafood for a decent price! They’ve also got outdoor seating.
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