The Nobel Prize – Nobel week in Stockholm

December 5, 2016 • 2 min read

This week it’s finally that time of the year – Nobel week has come to Stockholm! This week it’s all about the Nobel Prize!

We are taking for granted that everyone knows and have heard about the Nobel Prize, but in case you’ve lived under a stone – here it goes… The Nobel Foundation is a private institution that yearly give out five prizes, which was established in 1900 on the will of Alfred Nobel. This week is known as Nobel week. We won’t bore you with every little detail on what’s going on in Stockholm this week, it is just too much. However, if you’re interested to have a look, you’ll find the whole program here. What we are mostly interested in (duh!) is the The Nobel Day – December 10th. It’s this day that the Prize award ceremony takes place at the Stockholm Concert Hall and the Nobel Banquet take place at the City Hall. A full day of luxury and vanity! Not to be forgotten is the celebration of The Nobel Day at the Nobel Museum, open from 11.00 to 18.00, which is open for the public with free admission the whole day. At the Nobel Museum you can watch a live stream from the Concert Hall, eat a three course Nobel lunch and go on a guided tour.

Thanks Alfred for leaving this glorious legacy for us to enjoy!