The Park Theatre in Stockholm – Culture bonanza!

July 9, 2017 • 2 min read

Every summer in Stockholm, an organisation called Parkteatern (the park theatre) arranges musical events, theatres and dance performances for free in Stockholm’s many parks. Whether you like to watch a play or listen to opera or folk music, it’s all available throughout the summer, and it’s all for free. 

The arrangement has been done since 1942 and always has something for every taste and age. It’s financed by taxes and lets the residents and visitors of Stockholm enjoy a big cake of culture. In 2017, Parkteatern is expected to perform over 160 performances. Most of the range is in Swedish, but there are some grains of gold in English too. Below is a range; the full program available in English is found here.

– On July 15th, you can watch Jazz in Galärparken, Djurgården. From 14-19, you can listen to jazz artists from Sweden, Denmark and Iceland.
– On July 19th, you can participate in the 5 Folk Festival in Kungsträdgården, where dancers and musicians from Sweden’s five national minorities perform; concert starts at 17.00.
– On July 26th, it’s time for dancing in Kungsträdgården! Performances will be done with traditional dance from the Nordic, Arabic and Balkan countries from 18.00 – 20.00.
– On July 30th, ABBA fans will be pleased in Galärparken when the tribute band The Visitors play some of the greatest songs from the famous band, starting at 18.00.
– On August 3rd, it’s time to hit some high notes at Långholmen Amphitheater when the trio Divine will do solos from famous operas, starting at 19.00.
– On August 16th, there will be dancing when the Danish Dancing Theatre performs at 19.00 in Vitabergsparken.