The Top Photo Spots in Stockholm, Sweden – Your Guide

May 17, 2018 • 3 min read

The Top Photo Spots in Stockholm, Sweden – Your Guide

The Top Photo Spots in Stockholm, Sweden. Simple as that. Whether you like shooting people, architecture, views, nature, graffiti, bridges or even underground art – Stockholm has got it all! This is your guide to the top photo locations in, and surrounding, Stockholm. It’s time to get those Instagram bangers!

Shooting photos in Stockholm is fun and rewarding. You can get all kinds of pictures. The limit is your imagination. For the best results with good, even light though, we recommend shooting at dusk or dawn. All the mentioned locations below are links to Google Maps, so you can easily find your way there!


There are many spots where you can get a nice view of the city, but these are our favorites:

  • Skinnarviksberget – A fantastic view over the city looking North
  • Västerbron (West Bridge) – A great view of the capital from the west side
  • Fjällgatan – This spot is where the middle image was shot at
  • Hammarbybacken – See the beautiful Hammarby Sjöstad, Ericsson Globe, and Södermalm – all from the same place
  • Kaknästornet – Entry fee required, but it’s worth the view on a clear day!


These are our favorite spots to shoot architecture in Stockholm, but keep in mind that there are lots of other choices as well:

  • Gamla Stan – This particular spot is where the left image of this post was captured
  • City Hall – There are many possible angles of this beautiful building, my tip is to shoot it from across the water though!
  • The Royal Palace – This can be shot form a lot of angles but if you’re trying to capture the whole thing, work from across the water
  • Fjällgatan – Old, traditional houses in central Stockholm
  • Hammarby Sjöstad – Modern, contemporary neighborhood right by the water


Stockholm has got many parks where you can shoot, but some are better than others, according to us:

  • Djurgården – the most photo-friendly island of Stockholm when it comes to nature and, to some extent, wildlife
  • Hagaparken – Just outside the city center. Here you can find beautiful walking trails along the water and a decent chance of wildlife
  • Tantolunden – A lovely park on Södermalm where you can find one of the largest owls in Europe if you’re lucky!
  • Drottningholm Palace – where the Royal family resides. They have a breathtaking garden and lovely nature surrounding the area
  • Ulriksdals Palace – A beautiful palace outside the city center with a garden, untouched forests, wildlife and walking trails along the shoreline


There’s lots of art to be seen throughout Stockholm; we focus on the art visible to the public in this case. Check out these spots:

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