The ultimate list of quirky hipster bars in Oslo

March 13, 2017 • 3 min read

Despite its modern city centre, Oslo has its bohemian parts of the city. It can be seen in Grünerløkka or in the relaxed bars that can be found here and there. Here’s our ultimate list of quirky hipster bars in Oslo! 

1. Blå, Brenneriveien 9 C
Close to the river Akerselva and smushed in the area where street art covers almost all walls lies the bar/club Blå. If you prefer to listen to some live tunes while sipping a beer, this is the place for you. Although they focus on jazz – and have jazz night on Sundays – all types of bands have been playing here. During summer, they have one of the best outdoor seating in Oslo. Check it out here.

2. Schouskjellern Mikrobryggeri, Trondheimsveien 2
At the beginning of Grünerløkka lies the microbrewery Schouskjellern, located in a small cellar. The brewery is in the basement, with four 500-litre tanks. Try their brewed beer (they have created and served over 60 beers over the years) and enjoy the atmosphere under the vaulted brick ceilings and in front of the massive fireplace.

3. Himkok, Storgata 27
What now seems to be found everywhere was once the focal point for Himkok – it’s the first micro-distillery in Norway. It’s also seen as one of the finest bars in the city. It’s not very well known in Oslo, and we can only guess that one of the reasons is the anonymous entrance to the bar. It’s hidden between a hairdresser and an Asian supermarket and doesn’t have a sign. Himkok definitely fits under ‘quirky’ – one of the reasons is that they have cocktails on tap. PS. Don’t miss the restaurant Munnsjenk in the backyard; the outdoor seating here is fab! Check it out here.

4. Den Gamle Skobutikken, Torggata 9B
With a name translating to “the Old Shoe Shop”, Den Gamle Skobutikken has already made it into our list of quirky hipster bars in Oslo. Walking inside won’t disappoint you; inside, you’ll find palm trees, a rooftop terrace, and a glass wall facing the passageway. The concrete floor, with its black interior, doesn’t exactly hurt, either. Check it out here.

5. Hytta Bar, Thorvald Meyers gate 70
Small but lovely, Hytta Bar is the hipster pub to go to if you like a good gin & tonic and prefer your music on vinyl. Be prepared for beards, pop-up concerts and atmospheric sparks from the fireplace. Check it out here.

Almost made the list: St. Pauli Biergarten, Sannergata 1 B
Located by the Akerselva River lies the beer garden St. Pauli. They’re only open during the summer, but they have garden games such as badminton once they’re available. If you love sports, or should we say football, you need to go here – St. Pauli only shows old but golden football matches. Check it out here.