The Viking Ship Museum

July 26, 2016 • 1 min read

Witness the best preserved viking ships in the world! The Viking ship Museum offers a significant part of Viking history, before these ships were found we were completely in the dark about the construction of such ships.

Vikings are famed for their longships, with which they were able to travel as far as Newfoundland in America. For a long time we knew very little about the construction of these ships as most sources we had were purely in written form and the few illustrations there were, certainly didn’t suffice to give us a good enough picture to rebuild such a ship.

When in 1867 the Tune ship, in 1880 the Gokstad ship and in 1903 the Oseberg ship were discovered, practically all our questions were answered regarding the construction. There are 3 ships displayed in this museum, the Oseberg, thee Gokstad and the Tune ship and every one of them is particular in their own way.

By chance we also offer a tour guiding you through the Viking Ship Museum here.