Things to do in Stockholm in December

November 22, 2017 • 2 min read

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…! December is finally here and we are ready to embrace everything that has to do with it; the cold, Christmas and the New Year approaching. If you’re visiting Stockholm in December, here are things you should (need!) to do. 

Embrace the Christmas atmosphere in Stockholm
Like most European capitals, Stockholm loves to get dressed up in time for Christmas. Enjoy the Christmassy decorations and lightbulbs across the city. During Christmas, Stockholm is lit by a million LED-lights on more than 40 streets. Another thing you should do is visit a Christmas market, the most popular one is located on Stortorget in the Old Town. You can also join our Christmas themed walking tour – Christmas Spirit.

Hideaway from the cold in all the cozy cafés available
If it’s one thing a Swede will tell you that they do during Winter, its to take an indoor fika. Indulge in hot coffee or warm chocolate and a delicious pastry in one of the many cafés we have in Stockholm. Some of our favorites this time of year is Chokladkoppen, Mr Cake, Wienercafeét and Vetekatten are just a few of them. Most cafés will do the trick – you’re in Sweden, the coffee is great everywhere!

Try Swedish Christmas Food
In December, the Swedes eating and drinking habits change somewhat, because of Christmas. For drinks, you need to try mulled wine, red wine with mulling spices. Every year, a new taste is released by the company Blossa, in 2017 it’s flavored with mango, spicy cumin, and hot chili. When it comes to food, you can try a traditional “julbord” (Christmas Table). It’s a smorgasbord of traditional Swedish dishes; smoked salmon, potatoes, meatballs, beetroot salad, and herring. A couple of suggestions on atmospheric restaurants where you can book yourself a delightful julbord are Villa Godthem (choose English in menu to the left), Mårten Trotzig, and Tre Valv (unfortunetely only Swedish website). PS. Planning on visiting the open-air museum of Skansen for their Christmas market? Don’t miss that they also have a julbord!