Three beaches that’s perfect for a hot summer day in Oslo!

July 18, 2017 • 2 min read

In July and August, the temperature can really be on your good side during your visit to Oslo! If you’re in the mood for some swimming and sunbathing, here’s three beaches that’s perfect on a hot summer’s day. 

Huk, Schiøtts vei 11
Huk Beach and Paradisbukta (the paradise bay) is among the most popular places to go for a swim in Oslo. Located on the peninsula of Bygdøy, it’s the outdoor recreation area for locals year ’round, but for summer it’s great for swimming. Close to Huk Beach is a nudist beach, just so you know… To get here, take Bus 30 to station Huk and do it early, this place is popular!

Brekkedammen, Kjelsås
Brekkedammen is located at the northern end of Akerselva river, and is all year a popular recreation area. In the summer it’s a perfect place to go swimming, because of the refreshing water in the river. To go here, take the bus to Kjeldsås stasjon.

Svarttjern-parken, Romsås
Take the tram to Romsås and you will arrive to a cute little beach in between houses. The beach was renovated for approx. NOK 13 million in 2009, and is now accessible, clean and very popular among the residents.