Three cool activities to go on this summer in Oslo

May 9, 2017 • 2 min read

If you’re planning to go to Oslo this summer and want to experience something out of the ordinary, we have three awesome recommendations for you! Or how do island hopping, hikes, and bike tours sound? Yeah, you better continue reading!

Whilst some of us enjoy sipping a glass of wine or spending our money where we can see it (hanging in our closets), others prefer to spend their time with cool activities. Oslo is a great location to do just that. Perhaps you like to get rolling by bike? Decide what area to explore cause among the bike tours found in Oslo, you can choose between a lot.

Perhaps you haven’t seen anything of Oslo and want to be properly introduced? Say hi to Oslo Highlights. Maybe you’re interested in seeing the outskirts of the city; try Vikings & Beaches, where you’ll get to see both the Viking Ship Museum and the gorgeous Huk Beach (so if you’re sweaty, go for a swim!).

For the even more active, a hike might be an option – meet Oslo Nature Walks: Island Hopping. On this hiking tour, you will get to see not one but three amazing islands that you (probably) wouldn’t have gotten to on your own. Now that’s what we call a vacation with cool activities!