Three delicious restaurants beyond the tourist traps in Stockholm’s Gamla stan

March 23, 2017 • 2 min read

Three delicious restaurants beyond the tourist traps in Stockholm’s Gamla stan

Gamla stan (the Old Town) in Stockholm has locally gotten a pretty bad reputation as a tourist trap. Sure, it’s the oldest part of the city and therefore has a lot of famous sights, but it has more than that. It’s just a matter of knowing where you need to go. Here are three delicious restaurants beyond the tourist traps in Stockholm’s Gamla stan!

1. Pastis, Baggensgatan 12
This restaurant makes our hearts beat faster just by thinking of it. Located a bit hidden by the square Köpmantorget, not many locals know this exists, nor tourists. It’s so small, making it super easy to miss. Pastis is a tiny tiny restaurant focusing on French cuisine (and staff). The menu consists of a small range of dishes. During winter, you’ll get rapt by the romantic setting in the restaurant, with high candles and cosy illumination. In summer, you can sit outside on the cobblestones and pretend you’re in a French alley. See the menu and book a table on their website.

2. 19 glas, Stora Nygatan 19
19 glas is perhaps most known for being a wine bar – and a pretty darn good one! They have wine from Sweden’s Sörmland to Otago, New Zeeland, all of them in the highest class. What many don’t know is that 19 glas offer food too. Besides their lunches, they offer 4-course or 7-course pre-set menus. The items on the menu won’t disappoint you; you’ll find everything from fine parts of meat to exciting vegetables. Since you’ll be eating at a wine bar, expect to be blown with their knowledge on what wine fits with what dish. Bookings can be made here.

3. Österlånggatan 17, same adress as the name
Österlånggatan 17 is a restaurant under the group of restaurants called Bockholmsgruppen; all of them are built and developed as neighbourhood restaurants, with an easy feel to them. Among the siblings, you’ll find Nybrogatan 38 and Nytorget 6. On the evening menu, you’ll find both smaller dishes, starters, main entrances and egg dishes (who said you couldn’t have an omelette for dinner?!). See the entire menu on Österlånggatan 17’s website.