To do in Stockholm in September

August 23, 2017 • 2 min read

September is approaching, and lots of stuff is going on in Stockholm. Here’s what we suggest you do in Stockholm in September. 

Popaganda music festival at Eriksdalsbadet
Since 2002, Popaganda has offered visitors a music festival with fantastic music and cheap ticket price – a well-thought idea. Over the years, artists such as Robyn, The XX, Lily Allen and Ellie Goulding have performed on the stages of the festival, located at Eriksdalsbadet in Skanstull. This year the festival takes place between the 1-2 September. Tickets can be bought here.

Indulge in street food on Sthlm Street Food Festival in Kungsträdgården
Street food has really gotten the upper hand on Stockholm’s food scene over the past couple of years. On the 9th of September, you can see what the fuzz is all about at Sthlm Street Food Festival in Kungsträdgården. During the day Food-Truck SM will take place. The festival is open from 11.00 – 20.00.

STHLM Americana 2017 Music Festival
If you’re into American music, you’ll wanna go to this new music festival in Stockholm. It focuses on all types of American music – from country to bluegrass, soul and rock. It will all take place in one day, 2nd September, on Södra Teatern on Södermalm. Tickets to this exciting new festival can be bought here.

Try beer & whisky at Stockholm’s own festival, tributing both
For the 26th year in a row, the Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival takes place. It’s a chance for you to try beer, whisky, cider and calvados and meet others with knowledge and interest in the same. The festival starts on September 29th at NackaStrandsMässan, Nacka Strand. Tickets for Stockholm Beer & Whisky festival can be bought here.

30 cubes on display in Stockholm
Between the 1st to 3rd of September, 30 cubes will be put on display in Kungsträdgården (between 11-18). The 30 black cubes in steel represent one for every human right. The cubes have (before they are put in Kungsträdgården) been sent to chosen schools in Sweden and abroad, where students strategically get to work with the interpretation of one of the thirty human rights from the UN Declaration of Human Rights. It’s the works, arts and installations are done by them that will make the exhibition. It’s all done with Raoul Wallenberg as a source of inspiration.