Stockholm & Ice Bar - Private Walking Tour

Wondering what Swedish winter is like but you’re visiting in summer? Snow is not guaranteed, but ice is! Our Stockholm City & Ice Bar Private Walking Tour takes us from the Old Town to the worlds first Ice Bar. Bottoms up!

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Welcome to the north, where moose direct traffic and we ride our polar bears to work! Just kidding! But we do drink out of ice glasses (at least in some places!). In Stockholm, there’s an opportunity to do just that, but first, we need to work up a sweat before we chill out in the Ice Bar. In just three hours we will discover the foundations of the city in the Old Town, then walk toward the future (compared to the Middle Ages that is) to Norrmalm, characterised as the modern district of Stockholm city centre and top it all off with a refreshing drink!

We start our Stockholm City & Ice Bar Private Walking Tour where it all began, the Old Town is the…you guessed it… the oldest part of Stockholm. On the main square, Stortorget, lies the Nobel Museum, while around the corner hides the Royal Palace (well it doesn’t really hide, does it?) and Stockholm Cathedral. Fast forwarding to the future brings us to the early 1900s, as we gaze up at the powerhouse of the country, Parliament. Skipping over the rest of the oldest stone bridge in Stockholm, we find ourselves at Nybroviken with a fantastic view of the Vasa Museum and Gröna Lund amusement park. Continuing along, we walk further through Norrmalm, where we’ll talk about a term in psychology that was coined by a bank robbery on the square Norrmalmstorg, see the most exclusive department store in the city, and visit Hötorget (“The Haymarket”), home to the Stockholm Concert Hall.

Now that we’ve worked up a thirst, we wrap things up outdoors as we head indoors into the Ice Bar. Prepare for a “cool” experience. It’s -7°C (19°F) inside the Ice Bar, perfect to keep your drink cold as you sip it out of a glass sculpted from ice. Before stepping inside the Ice Bar, you’ll be given warm ponchos and gloves since it’s only the bar and drinks that need to be frozen. You’re in for a real treat – skål (cheers)! 

Please note: A non-alcoholic option provided to guests under 18 or who do not drink alcohol.

Tour includes: Private Guide, Ice Bar Entrance Fee (incl. one drink, warm poncho & gloves)

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