Where to buy alcohol in Stockholm?

February 27, 2018 • 1 min read

Perhaps you have heard about it before, that weird country where you have a special store for alcohol…? This is the case in Sweden. If you’re wondering where to buy alcohol in Stockholm, keep reading! 

That weird store is actually a monopoly of stores called Systembolaget, and is owned by the state. Why, you ask? Their purpose is, without having profit as a motive, to minimize alcohol-related problems. This by selling alcohol in a responsible way, without any campaigns or buy 2 for 1-kinda deals.

Systembolaget stores are available throughout the whole country (approx. 430 stores, Feb 2018). In, Stockholm around 80 stores. A full list of stores available in the capital can be found here, on Systembolaget’s website. Have in mind that all stores have limited opening hours. On Saturdays, all stores close at 15.00, and it’s completely closed on Sundays.