COVID19 policy

Safety on tours 

Safe Travels with OURWAY Tours 

Our guests trust OURWAY Tours to create unforgettable adventures, which we’ve delivered time and time again. As well as our guides, the locations and cultures of our destinations, that trust is also built-in knowing we consider our guests’ needs and safety at all times.

Whilst being mindful of potential risks, we’re unable to predict all eventualities, yet be assured we constantly consider that:

  • Our guides and drivers know the location and contact numbers of emergency services and medical resources. 
  • Our partners and providers of equipment and materials have the same high level of care and consideration for our guests’ health and safety.
  • We encourage guests to bring drinking water, particularly in hot summer months and highlight bathroom facilities when passing them.
  • When entering busy areas, we remind guests to be aware of pickpockets and other criminal activity.
  • We recommend restaurants and cafes with good hygiene standards – and delicious food!

To assist us in considering your safety, we ask all guests to:

  • Ensure you have all the required vaccinations before travelling.
  • Consider pre-existing medical conditions and carry the required medication.
  • Only take tours that are safe for your condition, i.e. if pregnancy or a heart condition exists, then segway, bike and rooftop tours are not recommended.
  • Dress for Scandinavia – check destination weather, bring layers and appropriate footwear.
  • Keep possessions close and out of sight of potential pickpockets.
  • Be aware of laws that may differ from your own country.

Our COVID19 policy

With the coronavirus causing a significant impact on the way we travel, interact, and consider one another’s safety, OURWAY Tours is committed to ensuring all our guests and employees’ safety.

Your cooperation and discipline is vital in co-creating this safe environment with us on our tours, and we strongly advise you to check on updated information and restrictions for your destination(s) of:

Stockholm and official health and travel information for Sweden

Oslo and official health and travel information for Norway

Copenhagen and official health and travel information for Denmark

Wherever you join us, please help to lead by example by being vigilant of your surroundings and take the necessary precautions to keep yourself safe and healthy, including: 

  • Wash hands regularly and thoroughly.
  • Don’t panic. You can protect yourself and those around you by being cautious and following good hygiene principles.
  • Use sanitisers at regular intervals.
  • Avoid touching your face frequently.
  • Stay home if you’re feeling unwell.

Regarding different aspects of our tours, our COVID-19 considerations include:

Walking Tours -we advise all customers, and the guide are 1-2 metres apart at all times on tour. There is no requirement for our guides to wear a facemask outside, though they will do so if requested. Groups will need to be of an appropriate size given the restrictions and conditions at the time, with additional guides used to create smaller groups, if needed.

Equipment-based tours – bikes and segways all have their handlebars cleaned with disinfectant spray after each tour. This is also the case for all helmets used.

Transportation – all vehicle-based tours are private, with operators cleaning all transport before being used by a new group of guests. We recommend groups appropriate in size according to conditions and restrictions at the time. We will advise whether an additional guide(s) will be needed to host the whole group, depending on the circumstances. All customers are encouraged to sit apart from others when in their vehicle.

Museums, Restaurants and Cafes – We take measures to avoid crowding of people in queues, that at least one meters distance is kept between other visitors/diners. Where possible, we take guests away from the most heavily populated areas.

Booking policies

We continue to follow developments and review advice and restrictions closely, making sure we do everything to support our guests and employees present on our tours.

Upon making a reservation, waivers (if applicable) are signed electronically, and payments are processed securely through our reservation system and are a requirement before the day of the tour. Please take the time to view our cancellation policy before you book.

We continue to tackle this challenge as a community of passionate and responsible travel lovers, ensuring the safety and security of all.