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Stockholm Old Town Walk

Stockholm 1h 30m 1 - 20 Multiple languages

Small group tour & private tour options available

Step back in time to medieval Stockholm. Journey along cobblestone streets to see, hear and taste history on our Stockholm Old Town Walk. What are you waiting for? Come let the city’s living history unfold around you!

eur 101
per person

Stockholm City Walk

Stockholm 1h 30m 1-20 Multiple languages

Do you have questions about the blond people from the North? On our Stockholm City Private Walking Tour, we cover the A-Z’s of the city and the Swedes. The Nobel Prizes and Stockholm Syndrome, and everything in-between.

eur 94
per person

Sigtuna & Drottningholm Palace

Stockholm 6h 0m 1-30 Multiple languages

From Royal to Rural takes us to the Swedish Countryside – from the Kings residence, Drottningholm Palace to the first town of Sweden, Sigtuna. If you are looking to explore the Swedish countryside, this is the tour for you!

eur 299
per person

Stockholm on Wheels

Stockholm 2h 0m- 4h 0m 1 - 30 Multiple languages

As you sit back and relax we zoom through Stockholm on Wheels. From trendy Södermalm and cozy Old Town to posh Östermalm and lush Djurgården, you see it all on this bus tour of Stockholm. Which will be your favorite part?

eur 126
per person

Swedish Pop Wonders

Stockholm 2h 0m 8-30 Multiple languages

Sweden has one of the world’s biggest exports when it comes to music. On the bus tour Swedish Pop Wonders we combine some of the greatest hits with Stockholm sightseeing. How about ABBA and Europe?

eur 85
per person

Vain Vikings of Runriket

Stockholm 4h 0m 1-30 Multiple languages

Plain vikings, vain vikings – we have had them all. Travel to Runriket and meet Jarlabanke, with a bit of imagination you’ll see yourself in the mist of the tv-series The Vikings. This part of history is waiting for you!

eur 205
per person

Stockholm's Urban Treasures

Stockholm 3h 0m 1-12 Multiple languages

Did you know that Stockholm has 760 km bike lane? That’s why one of the best ways to get to know the city is to do an Urban Treasures bike tour! See the islands and hear the tales on our Stockholm bike tour Urban Treasures!

eur 108
per person

Nordic Food Experience Food Tour

Stockholm 4h 0m 1-10 Multiple languages

Nordic Food as we, the Swedes, do it. The usual, meatballs, herring and cheese, and the not so usual like … Did you think we were going to give it all away that easy? Think again and join us on this culinary food tour.

eur 162
per person

Swedish Cooking Class

Stockholm 2h 30m 1-9 Multiple languages

Is cooking one of your passions in life? Are you visiting Stockholm and want to try a different type of food tour? Take the chance to have your own Swedish Cooking Class with us!

eur 218
per person

Candy Cane Making

Stockholm 1h 0m 1-10 Swedish

It doesn’t matter who you are and where you’re from, everyone knows what a candy cane is. However, not many people know that the candy cane, the Polkagris, is a Swedish invention. Take the chance to bake some of your own!

eur 78
per person

Stockholm Inner-City & Pier Transfer

Stockholm 1h 0m 1 - 10 Multiple languages

STOCKHOLM. 1hr. Coming in on a cruise and staying a couple of days in Stockholm? Staying in town for a conference? Book a Private Stockholm Inner-City transfer, allow us to take you from A to B and make the most of your time in the city.

eur 136
per person

Stockholm Airport Transfer to City

Stockholm 1h 0m 1 - 10 Multiple languages

STOCKHOLM. 1hr. Using a Private Stockholm Airport Transfer brings a luxury twist! Travelling with your family or a group of friends? Looking for a hassle-free way to get to and from the airport? Enjoy a private Stockholm Airport Transfer.

eur 157
per person