Sightseeing out of the ordinary: Emanuel Vigelands Museum

November 2, 2016 • 1 min read

Are you on vacation in Oslo, looking for an attraction or sightseeing out of the ordinary? Visit Emanuel Vigelands Museum! 

The museum is located in the area Slemdal, and has been described as one of Oslo’s best secrets. The museum is practically located in a cylindrical vault, completely covered in Emanuel Vigeland’s paintings. Emanuel Vigeland was a famous Norwegian painter and brother to Gustav Vigeland, who is the artist behind Vigelandsparken in central Oslo. Emanuel lived between 1875 – 1948, and erected the building in 1926. His idea was to have the building function as a future museum for his sculptures and paintings. Later on he changed his mind; he wanted it to function as a mausoleum too. The museum opened in December 1959. Emanuel Vigelands museum is definitely worth a visit, not only for the reason that this museum is not nearly enough as famous as his brothers park in Oslo, meaning there are lesser people visiting it. The museum is located on Grimelundsveien 8C, in the area Slemdal, it’s easiest to get here by taking the metro, line 1 to Slemdal station, or bus 36 to Grimelundsveien. Find more information and opening hours on the museum’s website.