Get to know the boroughs of Oslo: Frogner

July 12, 2016 • 1 min read

Frogner is a borough and an exclusive housing and shopping district on the west end of Norway’s capital Oslo. The borough is named after the Frogner mansion, which stands in front of the Frogner Park.

The Frogner Park is the biggest park of Oslo and one of the most visited attractions of the city, for tourists and locals alike. During the summer months the park is of course filled with people enjoying Norway’s biggest collection of roses, in total 14000 plants of 15 different species can be seen here. In the center of the park is the Vigeland Sculpture Park, which is the most visited park of Oslo.

The Vigeland Park is the biggest sculpture park of the world created by a single artists; Gustav Vigeland. The park was actually created only by that man, he did the design, the architecture and of course the sculptures, the whole task took him 10 years from 1939 until 1949. The park consists of 200 sculptures, of which the majority have quite a peculiar look to them. The statues consist of different materials like bronze, granite and iron and they are a display of art that you certainly haven’t seen somewhere else before.