Christiansborg Palace in Copenhagen

August 15, 2016 • 1 min read

In the middle of the city of Copenhagen you’ll spot the island Slotsholmen. As the name reveal, the island is the home to a palace (slot in Danish), and it’s not just any – it’s the Christiansborgs Palace.

Christiansborgs Palace is both a palace and a government building. Here you will find the Danish Prime Minister’s Office, the Danish Parliament and the Supreme Court of Denmark. Besides from that, the Danish monarch use plenty parts of the palace, for example the Royal Reception Rooms and Royal Chapel. With it’s powerful inhabitants, the island of Slotsholmen is often referred to as ‘the Island of Power’.

The Christiansborgs Palace has been through a lot, well, at least the grounds. It has been accidentally burnt down two times, latest in 1884. If you want to learn more about the Royal Palace, we suggest you join us for our walking tour Copenhagen Must Sees.