Segway tours in Stockholm

We put the ‘oo’ in ‘zoom’ on our segway tours in Stockholm as we whizz through the streets with the fantastically fun and zippy vehicle that’s sure to make your visit a two-wheeled trip to remember!

Uh…what’s a segway, and how do I ride one?

Your chariot awaits! These stand-up vehicles aren’t pulled by horses but horse-power – an electric motor getting you from sight to sight, with us as your guide. We’ll help you get to grips with your noble steed before we set off like a pack of moving meerkats, upright and alert to the city’s wonderful hotspots.

Make sure you’re aware of the restrictions that must be met before you book (see specific tour page for details) and be conscious that you could be standing for up to 30 minutes at one time on a segway. You’ll be stopping every now and then, of course, to hear about the history and happenings of Sweden’s capital, before getting back on the trail. The only question is, which trail to choose?

What segway tours do you offer in Stockholm?

How about…our tour Stockholm by Segway? Visit the Old Town, Stockholm City Hall, and the buried treasures we’ll reveal with tons of fun all the way along the ride. See an eclectic mix and get your electric fix on your segway tour in Stockholm.

Perhaps one of our most popular districts deserves your tyres on its trail? Stockholm’s trendiest island is available to you on our tour Södermalm by Segway. With incredible views, streets of tempting shops mixed with calm and quiet residential stretches, breeze past and admire it all on the largest island of the capital.

Djurgården by Segway will take you to this much-loved leisure spot for many Swedes. The luscious pathways of Djurgården – with some dirt paths to get your tyres testing out different terrains – as well as the passing sights of our most famous museums and places of interest gives you a tour with a twist.

Whichever tour you choose, after a zip with us you can nip into a cafe and reflect on a segway tour well spent!

Your choice of segway tours in Stockholm will leave time for more fun elsewhere. We offer these tours in Oslo and Copenhagen too, or you can view our full list of these fun tours in our Scandinavian capitals.

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Stockholm by Segway

Stockholm 2h 0m 1-8 English

Small group tour & private tour options available

Zig, zag and zoom your way through Stockholm without walking two steps. How? On our Stockholm by segway tour, of course! The Old Town, Stockholm City Hall, hidden gems and tons of fun later, you won’t want to get off!

eur 50
per person

Södermalm by Segway

Stockholm 2h 30m 1-8 English

Small group tour & private tour options available

Hop on your segway, it’s time for an adventure! Explore Stockholm’s largest (and trendiest) island, Södermalm. Amazing views, buzzing shopping streets, and quiet residential areas await on our Södermalm by segway tour!

eur 60
per person

Djurgården by Segway

Stockholm 2h 30m 1-8 English

Small group tour & private tour options available

Looking for a green experience in Stockholm? You found it! An electrical segway and a national city park island, not much is greener than our Djurgården by segway tour. We might even spot some wildlife (horses and cows)!

eur 60
per person

Segway Treasure Hunt

Stockholm 2h 0m 1-18 English

Are you looking for a fun activity in Stockholm? Try our Stockholm Segway Treasure Hunt – a two-wheel adventure where riddles are hidden in the city districts! Team up and solve the clues to continue. First back wins!

eur 570
per person