Pushing up daisies in Copenhagen

July 4, 2016 • 1 min read

There’s nothing more beautiful watch in summer than nature blooming at it’s full power. There’s no discussion that the best place to look for something like that in Copenhagen is the University of Copenhagen’s botanical garden.

The university’s botanical garden holds the biggest collection of living plants in Denmark and is actually free to enter, how lucky is that? In the garden there are 25,000 plants with over 13,000 different species, to show how many that is you just have to compare it to the total number of Europe’s flora species, which is just 11,000. Mhm.

The purpose of the Botanical Garden is to maintain and develop scientific collections of living and preserved plants and fungi and make them available for research, teaching and public information, that’s why some small sections are only allowed for researchers, professors and students.