Summer bars in Copenhagen

June 28, 2017 • 2 min read

During July and August, we just want to be outside! For food, ice cream and of course drinks. Thus, we have gathered some of our favorite summer bars in Copenhagen. Perfect for the sun bathers!

La Banchina in Christianshavn 
Located on Refshalevej 141 A in city district Christianshavn, La Banchina offers both panoramic views and crazy good wine. They are open from morning to evening, offering breakfast as well as lots of wine. The best thing about the outdoor seating in this great bar is that it’s practically just a backyard – it feels like you’re sitting at someones country house. Now that’s summer in a cup!

Kayak Bar in the heart of Copenhagen
Located by the water by the stock exchange in Copenhagen, you’ll find the beautiful canals resembling to Amsterdam. Right here, by Børskaj 12, you’ll find Kayak Bar – a combined café, bar and meeting point for kayakers. At Kayak Bar you can almost always expect some stort of event, either it’s a concert, exhibition or company event.

Kontiki – on an actual boat!
Who doesn’t have a thing for boats?! Well, Kontiki is actually located on a ferry, but still. That thing where you can be on water and sip at a drink at the same time, what’s not to love? Kontiki is located on Takkelloftvej 1 in Christianshavn. The ferry is called Ellen.