Segway tours in Scandinavia

Join the movement of the stand-up, two-wheeled kind, available on our segway tours in Scandinavia – always a fun way to see our Nordic capitals of Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen.

Why choose a segway tour in Scandinavia?

If you’ve tried a segway before, chances are you’re keen to have another go! A quick and exciting introduction to a city, with a highly entertaining method of transport, means you’ll have a huge amount of fun during a fascinating storytelling experience of your chosen city.

We’ll zoom between the different sights, all the time following our experienced and fun-loving guides with a group of like-minded visitors to chat to and enjoy the adventure with. We can go off the beaten track with a segway and, being electric-powered, you can be a little lazier than on our bike tours. Some of our destinations do have some hills, so it might be by segway is the preferred way to traverse the capital.

Uh…what’s a segway, and how do you ride one?

You’ve probably seen them – a two-wheeled, self-balancing electric vehicle. In a standing posture, you guide the segway around the city. It’s much speedier than walking, but not so fast you’ll get a ticket from the local police.

If you’ve never ridden one before, don’t worry. We’ll introduce you to your segway, show you how to operate it, and we’ll make sure everyone is happy with their vehicle. Once we’re all happy, we’ll be on our segway adventure, with your guide always making sure the group stays together. We never leave a guest behind!

Anything else I should know?

It must be the right choice for you, so there are a few things you should know. As we said, it’s a vehicle you are upright in, so we will be standing for long periods of time, having the chance to stretch our legs at different stops. Make sure you wear some comfortable shoes – so no high heels, please!

As well as being comfortable with standing for up to and possibly longer than 30 minutes at one time, we have a few restrictions on our segway tours in Scandinavia (see page for the specific tour), all in place to make sure guests feel comfortable, safe and ready to zip about the city!

Zoom around the Nordics with us on our segway Tours in Scandinavia, available in our cities of Stockholm, Oslo or Copenhagen.

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Stockholm by Segway

Stockholm 2h 0m 1-8 English

Get a fun introduction to Stockholm from the vantage point of a segway on our Stockholm Private segway Tour. We’ll zoom past the Parliament, cruise around Royal Palace and zigzag around City Hall. C’ mon join the joyride!

eur 105
per person

Södermalm by Segway

Stockholm 2h 30m 1-8 English

It’s expedition time! Our destination: the island of Södermalm. Home to lively shopping streets, the hipsters of Stockholm and one of the city’s best lookout points. There’s no better place to Segway. Hop on and let’s go!

eur 120
per person

Djurgården by Segway

Stockholm 2h 30m 1-8 English

Can’t decide between nature and city life? Don’t! With our segways, you have time to explore both Stockholms pulsating city and the green island of Djurgården. This segway tour is a Private segway Tour, exclusive for you!

eur 120
per person

Segway Treasure Hunt

Stockholm 2h 0m 1-18 English

Are you looking for a fun activity in Stockholm? Try our Stockholm Segway Treasure Hunt – a two-wheel adventure where riddles are hidden in the city districts! Team up and solve the clues to continue. First back wins!

eur 570
per person

Wonderful Copenhagen by Segway

Copenhagen 2h 0m 1-10 Multiple languages

What better way to cover most of the landmarks of Copenhagen than from atop a segway?! Set out with your private guide on our Wonderful Copenhagen Private segway Tour for the city’s best. You’re sure to be impressed!

eur 125
per person