Stockholm Old Town Walk - Virtual Tour

Travel to Stockholm from the comfort of your couch, and Zoom around Stockholm’s Old Town with us!

Tour highlights
  • Stortorget, The main square
  • Stockholm Royal Palace
  • Stockholm’s narrowest alley
  • The Island of Nobility
  • Stockholm City Hall

The story about the tour

On this virtual tour of Stockholm’s Old Town, we’ll trace back to medieval times and explore the city’s very first location, Stockholm’s heart, the Old Town. While uncovering exciting tales of the past, we’ll take you through one of the most picture-perfect districts of Stockholm.

Regardless if you are doing research for a future visit to Stockholm or simply scratching your travel itch, the Old Town of Stockholm is the ideal place to start your online visit to Sweden’s stunning capital. This short, sweet, and virtual introduction to Stockholm’s historical centre is the perfect way to get to know the Swedes and a bit about the city’s long, captivating history.

Our virtual tour Zoom around Stockholm’s Old Town begins at Stortorget, where we’ll ask you to indulge your imagination and envision a time when animals grazed on rooftops as noblemen and women rode their horses through the narrow, cobbled streets. The daily deals of the local merchants were shouted out from stores and on squares. At the Royal Palace, we will give you insight into the Swedish Royal Family, both past and present, and a quick look at the smallest statue in Stockholm is followed by stories of crime and punishment at Hell’s Alley. 

Before you know it, time is up, and you’ve zoomed your way around Stockholm’s Old Town. Leave us with the feeling of knowing the Swedes, the Old Town, and Stockholm’s history a little bit better.

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