Uppsala’s Secrets

Treasure hunt anyone? Home to Sweden’s first University, many scientist and designs have seen the light of day here. From Flower King to King of Sweden, our day trip, Uppsala’s Secrets Private Walking Tour, covers it all!

Tour highlights
  • City of Uppsala
  • Anders Celsius’ Own Thermometer
  • The Oldest University in Sweden
  • Scandinavia’s Largest Cathedral
  • Opportunity for Free Time in the City

The story about the tour

Looking to see two destinations in one? How about a short day trip from Stockholm, heading north to the city of Uppsala, Sweden’s fourth largest city and home to the country’s first university. Approximately 40 minutes by train from Stockholm, it’s cute, easily walkable, well worth the visit, and a city filled with cultural treasures that not everyone knows about. If it’s off the beaten path that you’re looking for, Uppsala is a secret worth hearing (and seeing).

What are these hidden (mostly from tourist crowds) gems right before your eyes, you ask? First, a man who is known as “The Flower King” who studied and worked in Uppsala. He was (and still is) famous for his work, and spent time with everything and everyone from plants to royalty (sometimes at the same time!). We’ll see his work and reveal his story while at the Botanical Gardens. Do you know to whom we are referring?

Meanwhile, things are getting “warmer” as we’re moving toward another Uppsala secret treasure. We’ll scout for it at Gustavianum, the oldest remaining university building built in 1625, where some of the university’s most famous scientists and their inventions and creations are celebrated… Care to take a guess?

On to the final location on our quest for the secrets of Uppsala, we enter into the most visible sight on the city skyline, in search of the tomb of one of Sweden’s most famous kings (he sent the Danes back to Denmark, and Sweden has been independent since). Do you know where we are?

As we travel by train to and from Uppsala, the journey will be accompanied by Swedish countryside passing by outside the window. Arriving back in Stockholm, you’ll have unlocked the door to a unique destination in Sweden. Question is, can you keep Uppsala’s Secrets?

Tour includes: Private Guide, SJ Train Tickets (Return), Gustavianum Entrance Fee, Uppsala Cathedral Entrance Fee, Botanical Garden (Free Entry)

Interested in the driving option of Uppsala’s Secrets Private Walking Tour? Find it here

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