Winter weekend to Copenhagen – What to do?

November 7, 2017 • 1 min read

Winter is here and the temperature is dropping by the day. However, visiting Copenhagen during winter offers a lot of fun in other ways than being outdoors, but even outdoors can be fun! Here’s what to do during a winter weekend to Copenhagen. 

First of all, Copenhagen and Scandinavia in general can be absolutely stunning during winter. There’s a “blue hour” in the sky before it gets completely dark, and when it gets dark, thousands of light bulbs light up the cities. It’s so cosy! Here’s a few suggestions on things to do:

– Visit the Cisterns! Read more about this unique exhibition space here.
– Go on a excursion to Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, read our blog post about it (link).
Go on a Christmas market at Tivoli (link), it’s pure joy.
– Celebrating Christmas in Copenhagen? Check out our list of things to do here.