Karl Johans Gate – the main street of Oslo

August 3, 2016 • 1 min read

It’s not for nothing that Karl Johans Gate is the main street of Oslo; you’ll find both the Royal Palace, the Parliament and other important points of interests along the street. 

The street Karl Johans Gate got it’s name from Karl XIV Johan (dead 1844). Before, between the years 1840 – 1852 – the street was called Slotsvejen. Why it’s known to be the main street of Oslo, besides the royal connection, is not hard to understand. It goes through central Oslo, from southwest to northwest. On the street’s highest point, Egertorget, you stand between the Royal Palace and the Central station. Along the street you’ll find Stortinget (home to the Parliament), the National theatre of Oslo, the cathedral and the initial buildings that the University of Oslo used. Royal it is!