Presenting a new walking tour in Stockholm: Delightful Djurgården

June 26, 2017 • 1 min read

On June 28th, it’s premiere for one of our new tours in Stockholm – say hello to Delightful Djurgården. 

We have, for a long time, wanted to do a walking tour that completely took place on Djurgården. It’s the green island of the city and home to so much history. Once upon a time, this was the island where the best events took place – regardless if it was in music or theatre. It has also gone through a lot of phases; once upon a time it was hunting grounds, at another time it was a pleasure garden… You understand why it’s so interesting! Our new walking tour on Djurgården premieres on June 28th at 13.30. Wanna be one of the first to go? Book your ticket here.