Things we look forward to in Oslo this autumn

October 3, 2017 • 2 min read

Autumn is a cosy time of year in Oslo. It’s the perfect time to hide away in museums, cosy pubs, and to see exhibitions, but also to be outside in the fresh air. Here are a couple of things we look forward to in Oslo this autumn.

Restaurant day
Do you have a dream about opening a restaurant one day? Then you’ll enjoy the 18th of November in Oslo when Restaurant Day takes place. For one day per year, anyone can open a bar, café or restaurant and serve others. Whether it’s “built” up in a garden, office, or just a table in the street, you are free to do so. It’s a food fest with flavours from all across the world! Restaurant Day takes place from 09.00 – 20.00. Soon you’ll be able to see the available restaurants on this site.

Oslo Knitting Festival
This festival is perhaps not for everyone, but it’s everything to the ones who enjoy knitting. From the 20th – the 22nd of November, Oslo Knitting Festival takes place at Deichmanske bibliotek/Norsk Folkemuseum. Here you can join a workshop (within weaving, knitting, spinning etc), go to a Knit Party, do a fiber quiz, or just shop for some new clothing for the winter at the marketplace. Read more about the knitting festival on their website.

ByLam Food Festival
A festival completely focusing on lamb? Why not! On the 12th of October, you can visit it in Oslo. ByLam Food Festival is a celebration of lamb dishes from all over the world. Youngstorget will be filled with food trucks and stalls, all focusing on delicious meat. At the same time by:Larm music festival takes place, so why not combine the two? The food festival is free of entrance and is open from 11.00 – 20.00. Bon appétit!

See the colours change in Vigeland Park
Vigeland Park is a treasure year around, but in autumn, the colours will most definitely amaze you. The sculpture park (the worlds biggest) is surrounded by luscious trees and flowers and big alleys with gigantic trees. It’s like a painting! If you want to explore Vigeland Park with a guide, check out our tour Oslo Must Sees.