Three pubs for beer-enthusiasts in Stockholm

October 10, 2017 • 2 min read

For beer-enthusiasts, Stockholm is the perfect city to visit. Not only has there been a boom with micro-breweries opening up, there are pubs around every corner. Here are three great pubs for beer-enthusiasts visiting Stockholm. 

Monks Porter House, Munkbron 11
Located in an old cellar lies Monks Porter House. Here you sit surrounded by tiles and stone where beer have been kept for hundreds of years. They have 56 beer on draught, out of which the majority are beers from Swedish micro breweries. Monk’s also has their own porter brewery where they brew stouts and porters. Monk’s Porter House is located at Munkbron 11 in Gamla stan.

Omnipollos hatt, Hökens gata 1A
Omnipollo started out as a fantom brewery – which means that they don’t own an actual brewery, they handle their brewing at other breweries in the world. At Omnipollos Hatt they serve their own draught beer and delicious pizza. There’s always ten sorts of draught beer to choose between, and they vary from time to time.

Man in the moon, Tegnérgatan 2 C
For 20 years, the pub Man in the moon have been servering beer-enthusiasts in Stockholm beers of all kinds. In total the pub has around 600 different beers, approx. 30 of them are on draught. The decoration might not be the finest or cosiest, but the selection of beers definitely is the biggest.