Oslo & Norsk Folkmuseum - Driving Tour

Mix it up with a bit of Norwegian culture and customs, explaining what makes the Norwegians Norwegian. Cruise through Oslo City Centre and discover Norwegian cultural history on our Oslo & Norsk Folkmuseum Private Driving Tour.

The story about the tour

Why are the Norwegians like they are and why do they do like they do? On our Oslo & Norsk Folkemuseum Private Driving Tour, we'll travel through Oslo City Centre listening to tales about the city, and it's historical roots. Stopping at the open-air museum, where we'll add bits of Norwegian customs and culture, we are instantly transported back in time. From an old town in Norway to the immaculate countryside, the Norsk Folkemuseum gives us a window into the past. Let's look at Norway from the 1500s up to today.

Through some 150 buildings, relocated from towns and rural districts, comprehensive collections of artefacts from different social groups and regions of the country, Norsk Folkemuseum explores Norway's cultural history. We'll walk past farmsteads, mansions, a market square and the cream of the crop, a Gol Stave Church (this is one for your Instagram feed!). It's not everyone that can say that they have experienced most of  Norway in less than half a day! 

In addition to stretching our legs walking around the open-air museum, we travel from the Bygdøy peninsula to Oslo City Centre. Making sure we see all of Oslo's highlights, covering everything from jungle to arctic waters, we'll see a favourite café amongst well-known Norwegian writers, where the locals go to celebrate the Constitution Day and some of the city's most recent architecture.

After hours of immersing ourself in Norway through the centuries, we hope you'll feel so well introduced to both the country and city that you want to explore more, on your own!

Please note: There is about 1 km walking distance inside the museum.

Tour includes: Private Guide, Private Transport & Driver, Norsk Folkemuseum Entrance Fee

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    The day of the tour

    The day of the tour

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    Please be at the departure point 10 minutes early to check-in for your tour.

    Look for our guide holding the OURWAY logo as a sign. If you have trouble locating the guide or the meeting point, please give us a call a few minutes before the start of the tour. When you call before the tour begins, we have a greater chance of helping you find your way.

    Norway is a country with four seasons. Please dress accordingly. 

    Please note: There is about 1 km walking distance inside the museum.

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