Visit Oslo during autumn – What to do?

October 11, 2016 • 2 min read

Are you planning on visiting Oslo during autumn? Lovely! Oslo is GREAT to visit during autumn and winter.

The fact that Oslo is a petit capital is perfect for rainy and chilly days – it’s easy and quick to walk from place to place. Here’s a few tips on things you can do doing your vacation in Oslo during autumn.

Go to Bygdøy and visit one of the many museums that are located here: Kon-Tiki MuseumThe Fram Museum and Viking Ship Museum is a few of them. This area has lots of nature, making it beautiful with red leaves or snow.

Visit Akershus Fortress, a castle from the middle ages, located in central Oslo (just by Oslo Fjord – a sight in itself). Today, it’s used for official events and dinner parties for the foreign heads of state and dignitaries. It’s however open daily for the public to visit, until 9PM.

Go shopping in Aker Brygge. In the area of Aker Brygge you’ll find 33 shops, most of them with focus on clothing and design, concentrated on a little area. If you get hungry, there’s approx. as many bars and restaurants in the area. If you’re more of the vintage-kind-a-gal, we suggest you head over to Birkelunden bric-a-brac market.